March 17, 2008

The most MOVING Wedding Websites

Posted in Linkaliscious (just another excuse to list)! at 2:45 pm by Jess

We are inundated with wedding websites are we not? So inevitably when I click a new link, just as that new tab is opening and I see the first nanosecond of content, I wonder to myself, “Is this going to surprise me?”

I guess I should clarify: Many websites impress me, but rarely surprise, and ultimately MOVE me. Often when I open up a website I lean forward immediately and set to clicking. I click to a new link within the first two seconds, and if I don’t like what I see there, well I give it one or two more clicks to new pages or archives and then click that X. Sometimes the website impresses me and I file it into my bookmarks, but I still feel I am clicking along the same routine.

Then every so often I hit upon a website that makes me lean back in my chair and my arm goes still. Instead of clicking I just watch, listen and I actually honest to goodness feel moved. I sit there and stare, mesmerized at the photos, taking in the music, and to be perfectly honest (I blame the period that started the next morning) while watching one of these websites one evening I actually started to cry and cried for a few minutes browsing through the photos!! Geez…

So here is a small list of websites that I feel have done an exceptional job at design, message and feeling. They actually moved the viewer to FEEL something, and hey, that is what the wedding is all about: Feelings. ( One of them I happen to keep as one of my multiple “homepage(s)” this week so that I can jam to the music!) So go ahead, click on the link (the Website, not the blog) and enjoy!

317 Photography and Blog

Amorology and Blog Coming Soon

StudioStems and Blog

Olivia Leigh and Blog



  1. Thank you! What a lovely post this was to find. I am so touched that you were moved by my photographs. Thank you for making my day!

  2. Ms Polka Dot said,

    What a lovely post! Am off to check them out now!

  3. studio stems said,

    i am speechless … what an amazing compliment this has been for me. i stumble upon your blog from my AW stats and wonder who is this that is somehow linked up to me. its hard sometimes as an artist to realize who you are and how good your work is. but when someone who doesnt even know you …. says the things you said … wow really thank you!

    studio stems

  4. Heather Balliet Amorology said,

    Thank you so much for this post! I can’t tell you how much it means to me to hear such kind words! I really took some time to make sure that I was able to capture on my website the feelings that I felt with each couple I worked with…It is so great to know that it is being conveyed. Many Thanks!

  5. Erin Davis said,

    This is so sweet of you to highlight photographers and blogs… Its an honor to be counted with such great talent too! Thanks for the kind words about our work… we obviously share a love of what we do with so many more out there….

    Hope your “cold feet” warm up soon… 🙂 (they will, don’t worry!)

    Studio 317

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