February 29, 2008

DIY Menu Project

Posted in Budget Friendly Ideas, Centerpieces and Reception Decor, DIY Projects, Stationary at 12:47 pm by Jess

Individual menus on each place looks fabulous. They are an added detail that makes the table swoon with color and attention to detail. Here are a few that I enjoy immensely:



Dauphine Press

However, I am not making individual menus. Today I officially scratched that off of my list of things to do (which is now only four pages long) and it felt sooo good. Pick your battles people, and you lower the stress enormously.  We are having a buffet and even if we were plating dinner, it’s not like they actually get a choice. Plus, I’m concerned about using too much paper, and not being environmentally conscious. One friend told me wittily, “It is not like someone is going to make it all the way up to the buffet, grab his/her plate and then say ‘Daaaaamn, I just cannot choose! I must go back and look at my menu…'”

Instead of menu cards, I have done a DIY Buffet Menu Card Project. This way each food has its own label which will go in front of each serving vessel. They are large enough for everyone to read, and in our matching colors, for the grand total of 10 dollars.

Step 1: Buy small white frames from a store, I bought mine at IKEA at 2 dollars (I assume, I bought for 3 Francs a piece) for 2 frames.


Step 2: Print your logo or monogram onto the reverse side of the paper insert


Step 3: Taken from Martha Stewart Living Magazine, Gild the Edges with a Paint Pen. You have to press the paper into the frame to find out if you have gilded in far enough as the frame covers the margins of the paper.



Step 4: After allowing them time to dry, use another (Same or different color) pen to write the name of each menu item, 1 per frame.


If you are not having a buffet, you could still incorporate this idea, and save a lot of paper by having ONE Frame, of a medium side, placed vertically on the table with the menu (either printed or DIY) inside. I promise, people will not mind passing it around if the tables are small, and if you have one long table, place a few of them in incremental distance.