March 12, 2008

Unless Someone Like You

Posted in Invitations and Stationary at 2:20 pm by Jess

I recently ran across these awesome wedding pieces on an etsy Handmade Wedding Forum. The company is called Unless Someone Like You. The idea stems from the artist’s own creative idea to send out a large poster as his own wedding invitation!!

Imagine sending each of your guests an actual poster, which to his credit, would look like artwork on the wall! The coupld could also opt to order one poster and have it framed. For the time being, leave the glass off, then have this set up at your wedding reception as your “Guest Book” which everyone can sign.

The artist, a self proclaimed “Chicago artist and proud mother!” can make a poster from drawings, a photograph or any other type of symbol or logo or significance. Sample posters are ten dollars. Note that the price is for the digital file, which you take to your local printers.