March 10, 2008


Posted in Jewelery at 3:54 pm by Jess

Though the colors in this jewelery post fit the color scheme for my own wedding, I have noticed a great trend towards the vintagey, thick gold dangling earrings. I have always found pleasure in the combination of white and gold anyway. Most of these jewelery pieces are very “bon marché”, as they say here. (Literally meaning Good Market). Some are etsy artists, some are from well-known shops. I love these pieces because I am not very traditional when it comes to wedding jewelery. I like vintage stuff in real life, and since thats “me,” why not on my big day too? All these pieces ares eye-catching without being obtrusive.

from the knot

from Impressionnen

from Tuesday’s Child

from Moxiebee

from Sudlow

from Lovemade

from PaperFlowerGirls


From Mariages Magazine: A great example of what these earrings would look like in person.

from relishdress

from Twist

from Kuukivi

from K-Amato

also from K-Amato

from elkemunkert

from Gingeroni


Are you daring to wear any less traditional jewelery on your wedding day? What does your jewelery say about you?