March 14, 2008

A Candy-Apple Wedding

Posted in Inspiration Boards at 11:42 pm by Jess

Today I have made a board for Megan, who will be holding her wedding on a Tuesday! I think that this decision caused her and her fiancé some concern and stress, but in the end they have decided to stick with a date that is meaningful to the couple. In her words her wedding will be Simple and Elegant. I don’t see why one would need any more words than that to have a really beautiful and meaningful day.


Megan’s main color is bright apple red along with classic white. Her fiancé is an outdoorsy type. They live in Tennessee, and I am sure that they will be able to find a way to incorporate that state’s natural beauty into the day. Perhaps the rehearsal dinner could be a casual picnic with good TN fare, somewhere with a beautiful view. On red and white picnic blankets, of course! 😉

I love this Bicycle cake topper for the outdoorsy couple, as well as a rustic looking table number card. These Thank You cards are extremely simple in feeling, with a professional-rustic quality to them.

Escort Cards could also be done with minimalism – gilding the edges in red like shown in this photo, but I would also suggest that Megan and her fiancé take the time to write out a personal message to each guest as a way to add a personal and meaningful touch as they walk through the door.

A white Ikea candle (here is one for 2.25!) can be a simple but eye-catching centerpiece, like shown in this photo on the board, surrounded by red rose petals. Alternatively, one could have a mixture of sizes of white candles and scatter petals down the center of the table as a “runner.”

I also thought that it would be a great budget-friendly idea to use this Candle Carver I noticed on Brooklyn Bride, and line up bright red apples down the center of the table with small tea lamps lit inside.

Megan really wants a three tier round cake and this one is smashing. If she doesn’t go the way of a wedding cake, I would suggest serving seasonal red berries with ricotta or marscapone in a small glass cup. Strawberries are also in high season and could be offered along with Angel Food Cake and whip cream in Buffet Style. Wouldn’t that be cool – A Strawberry Shortcake Buffet?!


What about one chocolate covered strawberry, (or more 🙂 ) on each plate as a small seasonal favor. If she had the time, she and the fiancé could spend a Saturday afternoon out picking strawberries about a month before the wedding, and then make a simple jam from this at home (it just takes sugar and berries and about a half hour), then pour a small portion into as many tiny jars as there are guests, and give this as a favor. I actually am considering doing this for my own wedding for sure!

In terms of flowers, Megan knows what she wants. No Gerber Daisies, just elegant red roses. She might consider having a mixed red and white rose bouquet, or using white baby’s breath for a traditional looking bouquet.

Like Southern Fancy recently mentioned, colored shoes are thought of as a personal and more exciting touch to the day’s wardrobe. I like this simple but sexy pair.

I hope this helps Megan! I love thinking of Tennesse, where my father’s family is, and I know you will have a beautiful day. I get married just 4 days after her…WHOA!! 🙂



  1. Megan said,

    I absolutely love the strawberry shortcake buffet idea! It’s so us. :] We lovvve strawberries. Thanks so much, Jessica! :]

  2. Kate said,

    LOVE that font in the Thank You cards in your Inspiration Board. So cute!

    Sorry to hear that French Manicures are so pricey!!! Perhaps a solid sheer colors would work best in that scenario – it’s pretty fool proof!

  3. jnicholea said,

    I was going to reply on my own blog, but I wanted to make sure you saw this so I thought I would write it over here. I haven’t been to Poland and I actually won’t be able to go before we get married. I agree that I have no idea what is ahead of me but I think (I hope) I am heading into it with realistic expectations. I know there are easier choices for a life, but I am choosing this one. It’s nice to hear from other people’s experience to get a wakeup call sometimes, it’s easy to feel like life is a fairy tale when you are in love. I just read through your “About” page and I am excited to meet another wedding planning blogger who is trying to enmesh herself into the European lifestyle. I would love any advice you might have!

    I just read through the story of how you met as well and I laughed out loud and said “awwwww” a few times (all by myself in my bedroom). So cute, and I LOVE proactive girls!

  4. Annie said,

    I love the candle carver, I think I need one ;0) I also think that a chocolate strawberry for a favor is perfect.

    Great ideas!

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