March 23, 2008

Having a Logo

Posted in DIY Projects at 2:26 pm by Jess

Are you considering having a monogram but cannot decide on one? Are you an artist, or do you and and your fiancé share a love for a specific item (like coffee, chocolate, or in our case, Hawaii)? If so, you might consider having a logo instead of a monogram, to utilize throughout your event. You can use anything that you fancy, but I would stick to the simpler the better. A graphic image is best, for recoloring and for transforming into other medias.

from clipart

It says “Two become One”


A logo can be used in the same ways as a monogram, however it is slightly more flexible. A logo can more easily be turned into a rubber stamp, which can then be used on a myriad of surfaces including paper, tablecloth, napkins, and candles.

image from Elizabeth Ann Designs

I recently read this post at Elizabeth Ann Designs blog which goes over the basics of creating or picking a visual graphic. As you can see, she found her logo from a rubber stamp. That is a great idea, because then you already have a stamp that you can use on surfaces when you want, and you only need to make it digital.

For Jon and I, a monogram was not interesting, or personal enough. And, it seemed a bit formal for the mood we are creating. Instead we leafed through some of my old doodles until we found one that struck us. We loved this one because it reminded us both of Hawaii (it was drawn on a plane leaving it), which is extremely important to the story of us. We both share a deep love for that place, and even if there is absolutely no Hawaiian element or theme to our day, this is a personal touch that invokes it just enough. Maybe no one else knows, although hopefully they think the design is pretty, but we know. And if someone asks we have quite the story to tell. 🙂

This is our logo:


Using Adobe Illustrator we changed the color to a version of Teal. Then, we have slowly begun incorporating the logo into our wedding details.


on menu cards


on invitations

Now all you need to do is pick an image, and get creative! You do not need to use this image on absolutely every surface and in every project, but in a few key places, people will notice and you can add this personal touch.



  1. aw i love your logo!

  2. kelly said,

    love your logo! What a great way to make it personal also. I am thinking we are going to go with the dandelion graphic “logo” rather than the monogram also actually. I have come a long way since our first email!

  3. Megan said,

    Josh and I would probably use the infinity symbol. We were planning on even having the symbol engraved on our wedding bands (unless Josh gets a tungsten band).

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