March 19, 2008

Three New Ideas Meme

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Can I tell you that this meme has kind of freaked me out? I’ve seen it going around other blogs for two weeks now, therefore I am certain it’s nearly impossible to complete this meme without repeating, or unknowingly copying someone, but I’ll try. Thanks to Southern Fancy for my first wedding blog meme. Check hers out too! I am not sure what constitutes a local attraction here, because just about EVERYTHING does to me. As long as there is water and mountains in the scene, it’s a local attraction. I am going to compile goodie bags of local treats in May and I cannot wait to show them to you, since they will be filled with European goodness. I am going to to a trial run, a.k.a. Birthday Splurge next week at the upscale grocery. I am more excited about this than a new purse.

That’s a lie.

Alright, The Rules:

  • List your top three new favorite wedding ideas
  • Link back to the post of the person who tagged you – this will create a continuous stream of posts that readers can follow
  • Tag a new person and share the rules.

Alors, on y va?

1: I already wrote about moving websites on this post and I think this is definitely a new idea. Websites and blogs are getting better and better and the newest, best websites integrate sound, sight and feeling to wow their audiences. Entering these websites is like going to a super short chick flick! HA!

2: Registering for tableware that has spunk. On the one hand I love having solid white dishes, the better to show up the food. However, today’s young-at-heart, creative couples also want to add a little more personality to the table, and to their registry, and funky plates are just the thing.

Porcelain and Paper at Etsy

ANYTHING that grabs your eye on Toast and Table, I particularly liked this set though.

Jessica Rust (who has a new wedding registry feature)

3: The last new idea is a design idea: Feathers!

How amazing! This feather cake is made by Cakes4Fun in the U.K. “The cake is then finished with a wonderful ‘feather effect’ that is created from rice paper. We then dust the cake with sparkling edible glitter to complete the stunning effect or can colour the tips of your cake to achieve a totally different finish!”

A Feather Fascinator by BD Designs

A feather lamp found at by Moss. I want one for my bedroom anyway. I doubt anyone can afford to buy this sucker, but a crafty DIY bride could pull it off with artificial feathers!

Eh Voila! Those are my three ideas. And now, I cordially tag…A Little of This, ALittle of That



  1. Anna Brooke said,

    Great job! It wasn’t too painful, was it? 😉 I love the fact that you referred to cool wedding sites as mini chick flicks. It’s so true! And I wish there was a way for me to incorporate that feather headpiece into my attire. So pretty!

  2. style-ish said,

    I’m tagging you too! But it’s a different tag 🙂

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