March 9, 2008

Kelly’s Board (and mine:) )

Posted in Inspiration Boards at 9:40 am by Jess

I was just reading along in my google reader when I noticed that one of my favorite wedding blogs was showing a whole post about some Jessica girl’s wedding. I read that her colors are teal, gold and white. Then suddenly I was all, “Hey…that’s me!” I am touched. Check out what they put together for me here.

I happen to have made an inspiration board for another bride-to-be recently. She and I exchanged a few comments, then emails and I decided to have a whirl at helping Kelly round out her vision for her wedding.

Kelly’s colors are green, white and black. Her mood: ” classic, fun, laid back and unique.”

She was torn between a damask print, or dots but finally (and smartly, I think) decided on dots, since those could be incorporated (in varying sizes) much more easily, and would feel more “laid back.”

One of Kelly’s small concerns is that she “also want to make sure to incorporate green in as much as possible. I am starting to feel like this will be a black and white wedding with splashes of green.”


So here’s what I suggested:

For apparel I threw in the bouquet on the bottom left and the green necklace on the top right. The necklace might look fab with the black dress she is having her bridesmaids wear. The green bouquet in the middle is a softer, more romantic look. She could use small ferns or palm fronds to get the more vivid green in the bridesmaid bouquets.

Her preference is for Kelly Green, but mixing greens of similar  shades like Lime, Kelly and Grape (perhaps not mint or forest…) would be fine if you mixed them throughout. The centerpiece photo in the board pulls this off very well.

Check out the photo of the OREO truffle. This has the black and white colors and could function as an adorable favor. The photo and recipe are from a baking blog, but most likely a good caterer could do this easily. (Or DIY, like the blogger, ha!) I also love the cake on the bottom with the polka dots.

That reminds me, I love the idea of a few things having polka dots (i.e. not everything). Since Kelly wants cupcakes in place of a cake, I picture white frosting cupcakes with little fondant black and green circles. The pins in the top right-hand corner are actually name tag/escort cards, but give off the polka-dot air.

(Isn’t it interesting that people don’t do nametags at weddings, when clearly it would help people tremendously!)

What about a candy buffet in these colors? Check out and click on By Color. Stash them in cheap Michael’s containers, grab a polka dot plastic bag and fill ’em up as a favor or dessert buffet! The only black candy I can come up with is Licorice, or any licorice flavored jelly bean etc. To cut a bit of cost, you could also include bright green apples in the buffet.

The white candle in the middle is Ikea (we just bought like forty of them) and the ribbon on top is just an idea. You could also wrap some sort of ribbon (polka dotted or not) around clear or white vases holding flowers (see photo below). The green centerpiece image is Awesome, and shows what all you can do that is green without even using flowers. Think ferns, fronds, palms, grasses. There is a bright green feather on the board to make you think of using feathers as well for a cheaper, fun idea.
Finally, the lamp: Just a crazy idea for a centerpiece to get us thinking outside the box!


If you have seen Kelly’s blog you’ll know she really needs no aid. She’s crazy creative, and I think she will have a beautiful wedding.




  1. kelly said,

    so awesome. Thanks again, Jessica!

  2. Megan said,

    I would love for you to make an inspiration board for me! I’m having a bit of trouble deciding on some decorations for the ceremony as well as the reception. My colors are apple (see for the actual color) and white. We want our wedding to be simple, yet elegant (no tackiness)… to give you an idea of what I mean, check out my most recent post ( at how “simple & elegant” our invitations will be.

    Some more info: We’re getting married in a small church that my fiance grew up going to; we’re just having my sister as the MOH and his brother as the BM, as well as my younger brother as the ring bearer, so it won’t be a huge wedding. :]

    If you have time to give some of your inspiration, I would greatly appreciate it! :]

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