March 8, 2008

A few Parisian inspirations

Posted in Attire at 12:57 pm by Jess

Her dresses have something of the “bedroom” look to me, but in such a subtle way so as not to be “gauche” as they say here. There is also a real tendency towards sheer layers and an ethereal look.
Kristyne Rispoli – 7 rue Froissart – 75003 Paris
I cannot find a website, but goodness look at that back on the left. I love it. I do not, however, love the front. A simple, accessory-free, even border-line boring front would be wonderful, because then when you pass and people see the back it’s like “Whoa mama,” but on the front you are still “wedding.”
What I love about this designer, more than the dresses, are the photos. The model is SMILING. This is the look of an actual bride on the big day. His models look cheerful and happy. It is really refreshing.
Sebastien Payen
I love the collar with simple buttons. This has a very “garden elegance” look to it. I wish she were carrying a handmade small wicker basket overflowing with garden flowers down the aisle.

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  1. Megan said,

    The dress is beautiful!

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