March 6, 2008

What is great about an inspiration board?

Posted in Inspiration Boards at 4:19 pm by Jess

It doesn’t have to be final! Use the space to try out many different ideas. This board took me over an hour, mostly because I threw out many ideas. When I make any inspiration board that happens. When I made my own – for my wedding – things got crazy. It took me at least two hours to finish the board. However, I had been debating between a yellow bouquet and a white bouquet for some weeks, with no decision seeming imminent. But when I put up a picture of each directly next to the photo of my dress, I saw immediately that I did not like the yellow. At all. The decision was so easy like that. As the process continues, and new ideas pop up (as they are apt to do up until the last minute) I change up the photos to either reflect these ideas, and/or try them on for size visually.
Casual Beach (details below)
Emphasis was put on the CASUAL here. The board was inspired by the table setting. If you zoom real close you can see goldfish in the vase around the flower stems! I loved the crazy orange ring, and decided the bride could wear a funky colorful pair of earrings also. The invites scream tropical and vibrant. The wraps look like a great item on a buffet of seasonal, casual and yet totally scrumptious beach food. Check out the sand castle wedding cake!
Another great thing about Inspiration Boards, in this modern age, is that they function as a memorble digital scrapbook! I have included things on my personal inspiration board that are actually a part of my event. Eventually I will have a polished wedding album, but I will also have a wedding scrapbook, and a print out of my Inspiration Board will probably be on the first page. It might just be me, but I put so much effort into the process of this event that I want to remember and immortalize that, as well as the event. It will be fun to look back on what tastes I had in dresses, invite styles etc thirty years from now!
I just hope I don’t look back on this inspiration board and think, “Gah, what was I thinking!?”
Does anyone else feel that their Inspiration Boards become friends?
Board Details:
Castle Cake: BridalwaveTV ; Invites: SaimasaysDesigns Earring; ScarlettGarnet
Wraps: Sweet Paul;Table: Mariages (French Mag); Ring: Top3byDesign
Bouquet: Blue Sky Weddings;  Dress: Jay Ahr


  1. pretty pretty!

    by the way, you’ve been blogged. 🙂

  2. Check out the comments on your post, a photographer is offering a giveaway and she said to apply!

  3. Megan said,

    You could try a yellow AND white bouquet like that one. :]

    I am still trying to decide between a red and white bouquet… But I may just use both colors to bring out the color theme.

  4. Megan said,

    Sorry. There is the link to image of the bouquet. ;]

  5. Jess said,

    Thanks Megan!! I like the idea but I think I am shying away from yellow (Except for the boys’ bouts). I don’t know why. I like yellow. But unless its sunflowers, I dont really like yellow flowers. Weird, I know. I appreciate the photo idea though!

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