February 27, 2008

My Evolving Color Scheme

Posted in Inspiration Boards at 11:22 pm by Jess

I apologize for the lack of credits; I made this before wedding blogging and had not thought of publishing it at the time. Ditto for the one below.
Here is my very first inspiration board ever made. I hope, or think, that the mood conveyed is one of airy summer romance. I saw rustic elements, a muted palate of chocolate brown, sea green and ivory. I was going to wear a brown dress. I really, really wanted those birds nests. Unfortunately, it was not to be.
I wanted people to leave this muted, romantic ceremony and enter a fabulously colorful reception – even shocking to the eye. The food buffet and the salmon here on the left is the key image (ciaothyme.com) because we wanted something that said “America” and had a casual air, but still wonderfully inventive and fresh. The smoked salmon on the bottom is my favorite meal and the presentation here is beautiful. I love all of these images and ideas dearly, and took many hours to find them. Alas, I am not sure that any of them are truly getting played out exactly.
What happened? Nothing serious, just the two main dream killers: Funds and Availability. I am having salmon, but they won’t smoke or fume it, they poach it. There is NO tree near the reception to hang escort cards from. We cannot afford the truffle cake, so we are buying a couple for each person as favors instead probably.
Lessons Learned? Pick Your Battles and Allow Room For Change.
Finally, with three and a half months to go, I have closed in on a color scheme – largely determined by my interior decorating preferences and availability here. Last night I made up an inspiration board that actually covers the even realistically. I share it with you!
What does this board say to you? What kind of mood or feeling does it convey? I have a few words, and a purpose in mind, and I am very curious to know if I’ve succeeded in conveying them.
-Bridesmaid dress in Oasis from Davidsbridal.com; Calla lilly bouquet from theknot.com; lace strapless gown from theknot.com; peony bouquet from theknot.com
-Menu item card is my own photo, I made it; Flowers from theknot.com; Gold shoes from niemanmarcus.com; Bundt cake tower from stylemepretty.com; street signs from perfectbound.blogspot.com; My logo and Date; My napkins photo
-Our location photo; Geneva street photo of flowers; Our photo of DIY Invitations


  1. first, i want to say that i love all of your boards – the last one to me says cheery, hip, and fun. also kind of …. sweet. 🙂

  2. […] the food and so she’s doing a lot of DIY.  She’s already completed her menus and invitations.  I found a few great ideas for favors and escort […]

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