February 25, 2008


Posted in Budget Friendly Ideas, Flowers at 10:47 pm by Jess

The Single White Flower debate: Is one White Calla Lilly flower enough for a “bouquet” for my bridesmaids?

In theory, especially for a budget-concerned bride, this is a great idea. However, once we think about actually sending our gorgeous bridesmaids down the aisle, the idea of one flower falls a little flat.

Or does it?


The Single Flower idea works best if you:

~Use a large flower, like the calla, or even a Bird of Paradise, and make sure your florist knows to get a large one.

~Are not using many flowers at all in your ceremony. I am not, therefore flowers are minimal and the very few that we use will be seen. Having an outdoor location with its own natural beauty helps here, and my budget!

~Play with the flower by adding a large bow, or having the girls cradle the flower in the elbow like shown below.

What do you all think? Have you also thought of doing just one flower (like Emahlee mentioned in her comment here) and felt that it was not enough? Have you done a poll to your friends who are NOT getting married? Go ahead, ask some random people who attend many weddings: “Do you remember the ceremony flowers?” Perhaps one flower is enough, but if not, even two or three of a striking, long stem can be cheaper and elegant.





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  2. judithgr said,

    Yannow what? I don’t remember what flowers any of them carried except my friend Sue who wore a crown of flowers and ribbons… she however was the bride. I remember dresses better, theirs and mine!

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