February 25, 2008

Finding the Red Wine, Part II

Posted in Food and Beverage at 11:15 pm by Jess

Where last I left off we had just downed six bottles of wine along with Pasta Bolognese (and Jon’s Vanilla Bean Cheesecake. Did I forget to mention that part last time? I meant to. I’m in denial about the second piece.)

The two wines that we chose were bought at different locations. Jon’s father agreed to call up the Gas Station (yep, you read right) where we found our Argentinian Malbec. The station happens to have a small grocery store attached to it. Apparently his father was able to order six cases. I am so relieved, as we had bought the very last bottle for the tasting.

I am also relieved that we don’t have to drive out there ourselves. Every time we go I am reminded as to why I love Geneva, even if I am bored stiff or hating on Geneva half the time. When we go to this particular gas station everyone we see is in some form of parka and mud-stained work pants and has the horrible, overgrown, vein-ridden, bulbous nose that is a direct result of extreme alcoholism.  (This is not everyone in the town, but a fair amount. It’s why Neuchatel region gets the stereotype of “paysan” meaning Farmer to the Genevoise.) I don’t mean to be judgmental but when I see them I think, HOW did I spend a year living among these people? They are alcoholics, heavy ones, who start around 10 a.m. on the local Chasselas white wine. They have missing teeth, four pack a day habits and fat spilling over their overalls. And yet, when I see it, it puts things in perspective. There was a good reason I got fat and addicted to blogging last year!

But I digress.

Today we went to the large grocery store to buy the Rioja and a few other DIY necessities like Kraft Paper and Napkins. In the wine section we were greeted by an attendant who had the WORST breath I have ever smelled. Jon warned me, right as I walked up to him: “This guy has the worst breath. I can’t breath!”

“Don’t be so dramatic Jon,” I replied.

Then the man walked back around the corner with the cardboard cases for us. He was just slightly taller than me and it just so happened that his mouth was just in line with my nostrils. There were only five cartons of the wine on site, and we needed to order two more of the same year. Suddenly the man cackled, “Oh, that is not possible!” (why he was laughing is just another intricacy to life here) and I was nearly bowled off my feet by his breath.

“Oh Fuck” I said out loud. The man didn’t bat an eyelash, as he didn’t speak English. Jon started giggling outloud, and then the man started laughing even harder, thinking that we were all part of his little inside joke about why it was so funny that we could not order the wine in the same year, thus expelling an even stronger wave of noxious fumes into my face.

I turned and ran for the produce aisle.

We finally were able to order the last two cartons, after hearing the grocery store man’s work schedule for the next week. He ordered us to come on Friday when he would be working, so as not to miss him. At the checkout we met a great surprise: Today marked a one week sale, 20% off all wine if buying over six bottles. Quelle Chance!!

So, we saved 100 dollars on the wine! I guess it was worth meeting this man’s breath for that, though I am not sure I can do it twice.  I’m either getting the Flu or throwing out my back Thursday night. Don’t tell Jon.


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