February 20, 2008

Reception Location, the details

Posted in Wedding Locations at 1:17 pm by Jess

This is just inside the front door. We are going to put a table here with the Escort Cards, so people can get them before walking up the small steps to the main floor.
This is the main room. We will be something near seventy people. The trick is figuring out where to plan the Dance Area, the Food Buffet Tables and the Guest Tables! This is just one of the many joys of planning my own wedding. Learning to be a space-guru!
On one end there is a little stage. What to do with it??
This is Jon and parents trying to figure out how to arrange the tables. We found out that we have the smallest tables known to man. On one table the plates would nearly touch each other with four people to a table. There would also be no room for flowers. Two tables put together eases the plate-nuzzling problem, but doesn’t help the flower situation. So, finally we decided to put four together like a giant rectangle, and put twelve people (or so ) so each table.
The problem for me is that I think these giant blocks are going to take up a lot of the room. It looks big, but really, these giant rectangles are going to encroach on any dancing area. I guess we can also send people up to dance on the stage.

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