February 20, 2008


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I love making up words 🙂

DIY Bride put up this Fantastic list of wedding related Acronyms. I think they forgot just one:PITA. My CM is a PITA. Finding shoes that I can walk in grass in but don’t look like clodhoppers is a PITA. Sometimes, I’m my own PITA. (PITA = Pain In The Ass)

Blue Orchid Designs gives you a fairly intricate list of questions to ask your Wedding Planner. I don’t think I’ve seen a list this good yet, and all of the questions are important. Take Heed.

A very European staple, that is transformed into ice cream. This would be a great Expat dessert on a wedding buffet, or simply a wonderful splurge before that wedding diet kicks in!

While I don’t think this was his intention with the post, Seth’s Blog post about the power of marketing is a really great warning for bride-to-bes who could get in way over their head if they are not aware. He says, “Marketing is a powerful tool especially when it associates a product with a desire and instinct we already have.” I think it is tremendously important to keep in mind that the wedding industry’s goal is to market to your dreams in order to profit from them. He also says, “There’s always been a cultural desire to conform. The difference is that now there’s money at stake, so marketers push us to conform in ways that turn a profit.”…”…Just as the jewelry and floral people have taught us that flowers and diamonds = love and that a respectable gentleman spends two months salary (!) on an engagement ring.”

I’m not completely cynical, but only in favor of a balance and awareness about weddings and the industry surrounding them. Have your cake and eat it too, but make sure you are not being blindly swindled into the most expensive one!

A reader of my blog recently told me that slipcovers for chairs were a complete waste, unless the chair was absolutely hideous. This made me laugh outloud, and breathe a sigh of relief. My chairs are pretty basic. The remind me of elementary school. But they aren’t ugly persay. I have always coveted slipcovers above many things at a wedding, but they are simply out of our budget. Waffle, you made me feel so much better! But, as a compromise (and I probably won’t do it because I have too many DIY projects already), what about this idea from Preston Bailey’s blog, to cover chairs in inexpensive, but pretty paper.



  1. rswb said,

    When I scrolled down and saw the picture of those chairs I actually thought to myself “oh, they look pretty!” (before I had read what you wrote)! That being said, though – I think they would also be tons of work, and I think they would only work on a fairly specific style of chair (very straight and upright and solid enough for the paper not to get all scrunched and destroyed when someone sits down). And in my opinion, that sort of chair is usually reasonably attractive anyway.

    Glad to see you appreciated the comment. I wondered for a while after I posted it if you were some sort of seat-cover devotee who I had just mortally offended!

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