February 14, 2008

Introducing DaWanda Wednesdays

Posted in DaWanda Wednesday at 1:57 pm by Jess

*Posting on Thursday, because for some reason I thought I had posted it yesterday, and obviously not!

I love to scour Etsy as much as the next girl, but I live in Europe so ordering from Etsy is not always practical. Also, I am looking to find new pieces and small, independent artists everywhere, so I want to start looking around Europe – my current home – more than I have previously. So, instead of a weekly etsy roundup, I am introducing, DeWanda Wednesdays (DaWanda is a german equivalent to Etsy) – to show you some of the unique finds from Europe, and to deepen my own appreciation for my current surroundings.

This gorgeous necklace, can be found from this DaWanda seller, and would look gorgeous on a bridesmaid if you were using a green and aqua color scheme, like the one MS suggests here. She could wear it again and again, especially this year when chunky necklaces are in.


I am in awe of this dress by Berlin clothes designer, and Dawanda Seller Stadtkleid .


This is a handmade wedding album with archival quality paper. Custom embossing is available!

There you have it guys, my first DaWanda Wednesday. Come back every week for more European treasure.



  1. ooh i didn’t even know such an etsy equivalent existed! more looking for me. 🙂

  2. elizabeth said,

    hello! thank you for your lovely support. looking forward to seeing your features in the future!

    drop me a line if you ever have any questions or need some help!


    DaWanda – Products with Love

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