February 10, 2008

Red, White and right now.

Posted in Inspiration Boards at 7:58 pm by Jess

Color is one of the main steering points of a wedding. Which colors become trendy for events and wedding planning are often dictated by fashion. Have you noticed the red, white and blue nautical theme popping up? Or how Anthropologie and Banana Republic both have new seasonal lines that literally pop with color? So how does that translate into a wedding theme?

This is how I see it: Geneva has the largest Fourth of July outside of the United States. My wedding is in June and about a third of the guests will be American. However, if I were having more American guests, wanted to tie in my culture in a special way, I might opt to do a Fourth of July Expat Wedding.

This is my first Inspiration Board, and I am meeting Blue Orchid Design’s  challenge to use photographs that do not come from a previously held wedding. This board would also work for any American wedding on or around this holiday. I know that some couples choose to take advantage of the time given around the holiday, and hold their wedding on this day, and with the right touches you won’t make them feel like they’ve missed any of the 4th of July festivities.


Top Row: Bridesmaid Dress idea (Banana Republic. Read “wearagainable”)

White Lantern as a Centerpiece (polspotten.nl)

Dress with Red Trim (David’s Bridal)

Middle Row: Red, white and blue invites (earmarkinvitations.com)

As part of the cocktail or dessert, serve Rocket Pops! (photo from istock)

Bottom Row: Red lantern to mix with white lantern along tables (kzuid.nl)

A slightly muted blue and white Bridesmaid Bouquet (800florals.com). Throw in some literal blue irises in this mix, and you’ll make a nod to Pantone.

A classic white cala lilly Bride Bouquet (Walmart)

A red and white cake (honeywelldesigns.co.uk)

 Did you notice the bridal bouquet came from Walmart!? Thirty dollars yo! What other wonders might Walmart be hiding? If I were in America I would go check it out.

So, I am thinking that in theme with the Fourth, a great big sprawling buffet would be best. The tables could be laid out with a simple white linen, a white and blue striped runner, and red and white lanterns. Small round clear vases with two or three white peonies peeking out, interspersed.  If you have the budget, and its within the law, take your guests outside to watch fireworks. Fireworks are legal in Switzerland so we  can get away with this, but check your local state laws. Another option is to tie one sparkler to one balloon. Do this times as many guests as you have. Then, after sunset, go out and have all the guests simultaneously light the sparkler and let the balloons fly. It’s magical.


Here is a photo of the effect. That dark head in the right foreground is me. The white shirt in front of me is fiancé.



  1. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks so much for the mustache idea, it was perfect. And I soooo hope Rebecca considers it. Welcome to the blogging world!

  2. Love this shade of blue. Thanks for your sweet comment and I have added you to our blogroll!

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