February 10, 2008

Lightbulbs Reused As Vases

Posted in Budget Friendly Ideas, Eco Friendly Ideas, Lighting at 2:05 pm by Jess

With This Ring recently posted this simple lighting idea. A budget-friendly idea would be to take old lightbulbs, or buy new ones in bulk, and unscrew the top, then use a long wire to string them all together.

First you would need to CAREFULLY hollow out the top of the bulb. Second, you would need to wrap the wire tightly around each bulb neck, then leave a straight portion between each bulb. It would look very similar, but would also be budget, and environmentally friendly.

photo from With This Ring

Or, alternatively you could hang one bulb from each chair along the aisle, and it would look something similar to this:

Photo from EspritCabane



  1. this is so unique and creative! i love it.

  2. April said,

    super cute!!!

  3. Very sweet and cute, I think this would be PERFECT for a little spring wedding.

  4. Jessica Brogan said,

    I think the KEY here would be to choose a bloom that was wide and large enough to cover the silver ring at the top! Thanks ladies 🙂

  5. Mrs. Kim said,

    What an AWESOME AWESOME idea!! Too fun!!

    To answer your question about colored wedding shoes … HOT HOT HOT, just totally LOVE it!! Mine, in fact, were champagne gold with champagne rhinestones on them. Don’t be scared to use color. Check out Mia’s and Nina’s 🙂 FUN SHOES!!

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